Responsible wildlife experiences in Asia

The last 20 years or so has unearthed a wide range of very worrying truths about a number of wildlife experiences throughout the world. Thankfully, there is lottos positive work being done to reduce the harm that humans are doing to animals and we can all play our part in electing to try out responsible wildlife experiences during our travels. I have witnessed this amy times since I have traveled and from tiger petting in Thailand, playing with elephants that have been tortured into submission, watching monkeys and eagles drugged up in Morocco and seeing mistreated alligators in the United States.

Asia is a hotbed of wildlife activity and offers some of the most majestic creatures which you are ever likely to set your eyes upon. If then, you are looking for a responsible wildlife experience in Asia, here are some choices for you.

Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand

For many years, tourists would come to Thailand to play with elephants, ride them and watch them as they do tasks such as drawing pictures and squirting water. The truth behind this however is that elephants are brutally trained to complete these tasks and whilst they may look as though they are having fun, they really aren’t. Thankfully there is a place in northern Thailand where you can enjoy these wonderful beasts, in an environmentally responsible environment. The Elephant Nature Park is ran by people who look at saving elephants from a terrible fate and giving them the freedom and the treatment to start their lives again, a perfect place to visit.

Mating Wildlife Center, Malaysia

This wildlife center in Malaysia has been set up in the same way as the Elephant Nature Park, expect it focusses on orangutans who have been mistreated. These precious primates have lived in Malaysia for many years and locals have been guilty of drugging and mistreating the animals in order to make a quick buck off tourists. If you want to see these impressive and highly entertaining creatures, this is the only place in Malaysia that I have seen, who is doing things the right way.

Phnom Tamao Zological Park and Wildlife Center, Cambodia

Sun bears, also called moon bears, Malayan bears or honey bears are one often most beautiful species of bear that I have ever seen and they have inspired teddy bears around the world for generations. If you want to see them in their own natural setting, you need to be careful as many in Cambodia have tapped into their popularity and illegally captured them for money. This wildlife center is the best place to see these bears. On a trip to the wildlife center you will also see rescued tigers, elephants who have been brought in to help them get better and re-intergrate with the wild. This is a great place to visit and it is ran bey conservationists who have the animal’s bets interests at heart.

Make sure that you check out any animal attraction before you visit, you will be surprised at what you may find out.