5 Things to Remember to Pack!

Despite being a well traveled soul, I constantly lose my stuff, make poor planning decisions and forget to pack key items. This is something which I feel like I will have to live with now for the rest of my life given the fact that I still haven’t changed in 3 years on the road.

There are however, some crucial items which I will never forget to take with me and I ensure this with a regular check list. If you are packing for an upcoming trip or vacation, here are the 5 things which I always, always make sure that I have with me in my case or backpack.


There is few things worse than not being able to use your phone when you are on the road because you left your phone charger at home. I know that you may be thinking ‘well you can buy one on the road’ and this is true when you are traveling to well developed areas or cities. The truth is however that most of the time you want to charge your phone, is when you aren’t near a store and so make sure that you pack it.


I am very much someone who doesn’t like to take drugs for every small ailment that I may have. In spite of this however, there are 2 expectations that I make when I am on the road and they are paracetamol and Imodium. The reason behind this is that nothing spoils a trip like a headache or diarrhea and these little beauties will help you to pull round and enjoy yourself.

Mobile Wifi

I really struggle without the internet and when I am traveling I often find myself in places with no internet at all, or very slow connections. In order to counter this issue, I have invested in a mobile wifi device which uses mobile data to connect to my laptop which means that I can work and blog no matter where I am.


I roughly know which clothes I am going to take with me on each trip but there is only one item which I simply must have, a shawl-like scarf. The reason this is so crucial for me is that I use it for just about everything. I can use the scarf to tie my hair up, to cover my hair in Muslim countries, I can use it to block the sun or sad from my face and I can use it to keep warm, not to mention its uses as a fashion accessory. As someone who likes to travel light, I love multipurpose clothing and my scarf is usually the first thing in my bag.

Pen and Paper

I don’t care that we now live in a digital world which will likely mean the end for the pen and paper combo, I love to write and doing so in the old fashioned way makes me really happy. Aside from the pleasure which I get, I like to stay secure and getting my phone or laptop out in some places is not a great idea, for this reason I can just get my pen and paper out, write down some thoughts or ideas and transfer them to the computer when I get to a safe place.

What are your essential items when you travel?