5 Tips for Long-Term Travellers

While many people work a day job all year to fund a week or 2 of travel per year,for many others, this is not enough. If the desire to travel burns inside you even after your holiday has passed, then long-term travel might be for you. Before you write off this idea as a luxury that’s only for the rich, consider the thousands of people who have budgeted and fulfilled their wanderlust through long-term travel. Follow these tips to make your own dream come true!

Find Remote Income

From writing and editing online content to teaching English lessons online or even starting your own business, the Internet is the number one way to make money remotely. It just takes a bit of creativity and resourcefulness to take advantage of all the opportunities that are out there!

Work for Accommodation

Can you think of a better way to see the world and get to know local culture than by living with locals? Organisations like WWOOF and Workaway make it possible to connect with locals seeking travellers to help with projects- everything from organic farming to animal care, hostel reception, IT work or childcare. In return, you’ll receive accommodation and usually all of your meals. You’re bound to make some lasting connections with your hosts and other travellers who are volunteering there. If you’re looking for low cost, eco friendly accommodation then do what I did when I first started. I found myself in the campgrounds in Reno, it was a great low cost way to start as I found other options for the future.

Manage Your Savings

For those times when work is slow or nonexistent, you’ll be very glad you started a savings account. Understanding High Interest Savings Accounts is easy and will benefit you in the long run when you get to enjoy the profits of your savings! It’s always a good idea to have your finances in order, the last thing you would want is to run out of money in the middle of your adventure.

Cook Your Own Food

If you spend a good deal of time in accommodations with a kitchen, such as a hostel or guest house, take advantage and save money on eating out by cooking your meals. Not only is it more economical to buy your food at the supermarket, but you’re more likely to meet other travellers in the hostel common area (usually by the kitchen!) Staples like pasta and veggies go a long way, especially if you buy in bulk and make a big meal for everyone. You can save the leftovers for a picnic the next day instead of spending the money on an overpriced sandwich at a tourist cafe. Bonus: you’ll probably be eating healthier as well!

Record the Journey

Travelling long-term is a unique experience, and you’ll be so glad to be able to look back on these adventures with some record of your travels. Keep a journal as often as you can to note down the interesting anecdotes of daily life, or carry around a camera to document your adventures through photo or video. Keeping a blog can keep friends and family in touch with your adventures.