Is Norway The Best Holiday Destination In The World?

I headed to Norway a couple of years ago because my fellow blogging buddy, Johnny Ward of, had left it as the last country he needed to visit to have completed 197/197 countries. A pretty awesome achievement I think we’d all agree and one that definitely deserved a massive celebration – and celebrate it we did, especially in Oslo on a fine St Patricks night but that tale is for another day.

I honestly never thought of visiting Norway until Johnny gave me a call about heading out there with a gang of friends. The reason he chose Norway is because visas are easy for everyone and it’s very accessible too. One reason the country wasn’t chosen for was the cost – it will knock your socks off. I remember heading to the bar shortly after I arrived and being told that a pint of beer cost $15, I nearly fainted because I knew that several of those fine beverage were going to be sunk over the coming week.

As the saying goes ‘you get what you pay for’ and Norway is worth every single penny. What a country, what an experience and what memories. Here are 3 things that put Norway up there with one of the best countries in the world as far as I’m concerned.

The Adventure

Norway is full of spots to have an adventure, ours came when we took a short airplane ride to the Arctic. Getting off the plane surrounded by beautiful a beautiful white landscape, ice under foot and freezing temperatures let us all know that we were in for an adventure. On this adventure we went fishing for crab in the ice, dog sledding at night, hiking and the best part was watching the northern lights in between eating reindeer in the forest.

The People

Norwegian people are classy people and very welcoming indeed. Everyone speaks perfect English which means that nothing is a struggle and you always get what you need or are pointed in the right direction. One thing I should say is make sure you’ve got some decent clothes with you because they sure do know how to dress over there – the guys are super tall too!

The Ice Hotel

This was something I never expected to do, spending a night in a hotel made out of ice – even the bed and the bar! When I say it was cold that would be an understatement. We had to get a safety briefing about how to dress and get into our sleeping bags, they told us if we didn’t do it properly we’d freeze to death. I can’t really do the place justice so please just take a look at the pictures below – it was amazing!