Labaun – Off The Tourist Trail

When someone mention Labaun Bajo to me I instantly cast my mind back to when I stayed in Hotel Labaun Point and I woke up looking at the amazing beaches each day. This small fishing village is famous because it acts as the gateway to some of Indonesia’s most visited sights; Komodo National Park, Sabolo Island and also Bidadari Island.

When you’re in Labaun you’ll be able to enjoy so many water sports such as; snorkelling, diving, jet skiing and swimming. If you want to get away from the main tourist activities then here are 3 of the best keep secrets as told to us by the locals.

Papagarang Village

This quaint and unique little village can be found on an island which shares the same name – Papagarang. There are a little over 1,00 people that live here, I almost feel jealous that the inhabitants of this village get to live in a place that is surrounded by sweeping green hills and beautiful calm waters. The first thing you will see as you arrive are the local boats all docked up by the beach.

I recommend bringing a guide with you so that you’re able to chat to the local fishermen and hear their tales about the history of the village, its culture and most of all traditions.

See Mermaids

When you’re at your hotel in Labuan, ask the reception about the mermaids. Diving is a must do activity when you’re in Labaun, here you’ll be able to swim alongside the dolphins, rays and also whales. If you’re super lucky you’ll have an encounter with the mermaids, or as they’re known, dugongs.

I would recommend heading to Seraya Kecil Island because extensive scientific research has shown that this is where dugongs live in their natural habitat. Please be responsible tourists because the species is very close to being extinct – get to meet them while you can.

The Komodo Festival

If you’re looking for an amazing experience then you’ll have a blast watching the Komodo Festival. Here you’ll be able to take in the fantastic parade, enter into the photo competition (and hopefully win a prize), see local art, listen to music and pick up some unique local handicrafts. The festival usually takes place in the first two weeks of March – if you’re there during that time this can’t be missed!