My Guide To 24 Hours In Hong Kong

I don’t think I’ve told you guys about how I used to live in Hong Kong. It was my home for just over 2 years and it was a time in my life that I’ll never forget. The city is mind blowing, there aren’t many places like anywhere else in the world.

I must admit that I was a bit taken back by just how many people were crammed into a small space. Then the amount it cost to rent an apartment nearly made me faint! Having said that I would highly recommend that everyone visits Hong Kong when they get the opportunity, you don’t need to go there for a week I would say that the ideal length of time is from 1 day (on a lay over) to 4 days.

So with all my experience I thought I’d give you three things that you’ll easily be able to do in one day. Don’t miss out on them and make sure you bring your camera because they are all very camera worthy indeed.

Ride The Star Ferry

The Star Ferry is an iconic mode of transport here and has been running for decades. It is a ferry that takes people from the Kowloon side over to Hong Kong Island, it goes between TST and Central. So which ever side you’re heading to you’ll be right bang in the action. It also gives you a great view from the water and at anytime of day it’s brilliant. I’d recommend taking this whenever you’re going from one side to the other, skip out on the MTR if the ferry is an option.

Tram To The Peak

The Peak is a famous place for hikers in Hong Kong. It is the highest place on Hong Kong island so you know that you’ll be guaranteed some great views of the city. People’s opinions vary of which time is best to visit, at night it is stunning because you can city the city all lit up and take some really good pics. However, if you’ve made plans for the evening then the daytime is just as good.

High Tea With A View

There are some spectacular places for high tea in Hong Kong, they might just do it better than anywhere else on the world. Head to the Intercontinental Hotel over in Kowloon for high tea. They don’t take bookings and the last seating is at 4,30 – this is the one you want. The reason for this is because they have huge floor to ceiling windows looking over the water at the iconic skyline. I promise watching the city light up is magical!