My Healthy living in Bangkok

When I was traveling around South East Asia I often found myself taking a break in Bangkok. It was the ideal city to be static for a month or two, life healthy and enjoy all the comforts of home. There’s a reason why it’s the most visited city in the world with a whopping 20 million people heading there each year.

If you compare Bangkok to its neighbouring capital cities it is miles ahead in terms of development and facilities. So when it came to getting healthy it was pretty easy in Bangkok, I even found it much better than back home in London. Things were really easy to reach, affordable and also a really high standard. One thing I should say is that if you want to do the healthy lifestyle in Bangkok it might not be as cheap as you think, you pay for what you get so I would budget about $2,500 for a month if you want to get the most out of your experience.

Setting that budget for yourself means that you will be able to have some where nice to stay, eat well and also join one of the many top class gyms. You’re certainly going to have a great experience, I did and here’s how I spent my money and time getting healthy in Bangkok.


Thai food is probably my favourite food in the world but it is not always the healthiest because if you eat locally the food can be quite oily and there’ll be white rice with every single meal. I don’t think you should cut out the local food completely but leave it for your cheat day. There are so many top restaurants in Bangkok we’re spoilt for choice. I love to eat vegan when I can and this city is one of the best places for that, it’s a good way to detox and recharge your system. My favourites are Veganerie Concept and Broccoli Revolution, they’re both in Sukhumvit and can be found along the skytrain route.


The value for money in Bangkok is insane when it comes to accommodation. If I told you I could live in a 35 sq/m condo, with a library, gym, pool and sauna, all for $300 a month you might not believe me but that is more than doable. The best thing is that the condo will be newly built so don’t be expecting some old grubby building. In On Nut, in the Sukhumvit area, is a great place to look for condos in this price range. If you were looking for similar condos in London for that price you wouldn’t stand a chance!


The fitness scene in Bangkok is blowing up right now and there are tons of world class gyms. Everything from boxing, muay thai, crossfit and more can be found. My personal favourite is Aspire which has been running for over a decade now and has some of the best trainers in Bangkok. They are focussed on results and not just taking your money, if you want to get in shape then get a free session with a personal trainer and see what type of plan they draw up for you.