The guy behind the blog

I’m Dave, your nature loving, responsible-traveling, non-meat eating, yoga loving traveler just trying to make my mark in this big, beautiful world. When one gap year turns into two, which turns into 3 and 4, then perhaps you realise it’s not a gap year, and this is just your life. Well that’s me. I miss South Africa now and then, but there’s no much to see and oh so little time, so visits home once a year will have to suffice. So Cape Town? You’re wonderful, but so are so many other places!


My blog is my space to talk about all my passions, that includes veganism, hiking, exercise and even a little bit of fashion because I’m still a girl after all! Finding my way around the world wasn’t always the plan, au-pairing in France, summer camps in the USA, marketing company in Australia and before long the road has you. That constant movement is one with yourself, and you’re addicted, wonderfully addicted. Don’t you yearn for it too?


I hope you do, and I hope I can help show you it’s possible, and even if it’s not quite your thing, you can still live vicariously through lil old me. Watch me as i get lost and embrace my misadventures on the way. Broken hearts may hurt, but a broken heart in Paris, or Venice is something almost beautiful. Same as being poor, it’s horrible, but being poor in Melbourne, or LA, or London has something romantic about it. So here we goooooo…..