Travel Tips I Wish I’d Known

After all the years I’ve spent traveling I have picked up some really great tips that have helped me no end! I wish I’d known them when I first started. Following some really easy tips will make your travel experience so much better and make things a lot more convenient.

Whilst some tips may seem super obvious, they’re only simple when you know them! I am still learning and know there are plenty more little gems out there which I’ll pick up along the way, I’ll definitely share them with you guys every time a new one is discovered. For now, I have 3 awesome travel tips that will help you where ever you may be in the world. Let me know what you think.

My Friend

Have you ever gone out of arrivals at the airport or hopped off a night bus only be to be surrounded by local taxi drivers all over you should taxi? I think the answer is yes. It can be a very overwhelming experience and a bit disorientating, especially if you’re a bit tired and trying to get your bearings. You usually need a minute or two to wake up, gather your thoughts and work out where you need to go. The easiest way to do this is simply say that your friend is coming to collect you, you will see everyone leave you alone instantly because they think you’re no longer a potential customer. The likely hood is that you’ll get in one of the taxis but take a moment first. Using the same line can help you out in lots of other situations which I’m sure you can think of.

Your Valuables

Nearly everywhere you go will be extremely safe and everyone will be very honest indeed, but unfortunately there are bad people everywhere and if you travel for long enough you’ll end up falling foul to something being taken. This can happen at anytime but the most likely is when you leave your valuables in your room. Twice I’ve had money taken from my room when I’ve been out and that’s kind of my own fault because the money was in such an obvious place. So roll up your money and put it in your rolled up socks, that’s the best place to keep it – I haven’t lost a dollar since I started doing that!

Follow The Locals

If you’re in a new place then the best thing to do is what the locals do. If you’re walking around the city trying to find a place to have a bite to eat or a drink , then you really need to follow the locals. Avoid restaurants which are over flowing with tourists and empty restaurants, instead stop off at one that is full of local people. They’re the people that live there and they will 100% know where the best food is at the best price too.

What are your top travel tips? I would love to hear your tips, how they’ve worked for you and how you learnt them. I think it’s great when we, as an online community, can share our first hand experiences to help others with their travels. All you have to do is pop your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for sharing guys, I’m looking forward to reading all your tips!