Trekking in Nepal blew my mind!

Trekking is one of my passions and something I do as much as possible. I love booking a trekking holiday because I know I’m going to be active, see some amazing views and go on famous trails. Now that most countries are easily accessible there are lots of trekking options open to us, in fact the most difficult thing about me booking a trip is choosing the right one.

I have been on over 10 trekking holidays now but there is one place that’s top of the list – Nepal. From day one this amazing country blew my mind and as the trek went on I just felt lucky to be there, so much so I’ve been back two more times. Nepal is the number one destination in the world for good reason; the scenery, the culture, the nature and awesome local people.

I could give 100 reasons why trekking in Nepal is the best but I think that might take me a lifetime to write, so instead I’ve kept the list as short as I could. I think these reasons should give you the encouragement to add it to your bucket list today.

Amazing Views

Nepal is blessed with 8 of the highest peaks on the planet. Of course you know it is home to the tallest of them all, Mount Everest. Then there are other famous peaks such as Annapurna, Machhapuchhre and Ama Dablam, trekkers flock to enjoy the awesome trekking routes they have to offer. With so many high peaks comes stunning viewpoints, this makes any trek much more memorable and gives you a view of the Himalayas like no other. Make sure your camera is fully charged and has plenty of free memory because I guarantee you’ll want to take loads of pictures when you reach these panoramic viewpoints.


Nepal has a variety of different cultures and traditions, so you get to experience a wealth of different people along the way. With over 26 million people, more than 40 tribes and 93 languages, depending on where you are in the country you will discover different ways of life and rituals. Along your trek you will stop off at ethnic villages to spend the night and learn about the local culture, this is when the guides are awesome because they help you to communicate with the people and also teach you about everything you see.

Great Food

As you may have read in my other posts, I love trying all the food I can when I travel and Nepal is no exception. The food here is mouth watering and after each tiring day you’ll be feasting on some top notch grub. Trekking from village to village means you will be able to try food from different ethnic groups, all of which are very tasty indeed. The people cook their food using whatever the earth around them provides, you can expect vegetables, pulses, meats and pickles.

Have you been trekking in Nepal before? If so, we’d love to hear all about your tales, tips and experiences. Just pop your comments in the box below, thanks for sharing guys!