What Are Green Door West’s Organic/Vegan Options?

When you need the effects of medical cannabis and you want products that don’t weigh on your conscience, you look for organic, all-vegan products that you can feel good about, and nobody has the hookup like Green Door West does.


Cheef Organic Bars


For a fruit bar alternative that packs a punch (100g of THC in these bad boys), you’d be surprised at how delicious these can be. Everyone hears fruit bar and thinks of crushed Nutrigrain’s at the bottom of their backpack from their school days. This has been reinvented, made organic and vegan-friendly, and brings the effectivity that you need.


Organix Gummies


For a quick burst of effective THC, you get five different options (currently) to choose from: watermelon, peach, cherry, nightcrawlers, or gummy bears. Choose your favorite experience, and dive on into these 10mg (per piece) vegan-friendly gummies that promise to excite your palate.


Satori Dark Chocolates


Just about everybody loves chocolate, but there aren’t many edibles that are also vegan and full-on organic. Enjoy epic dark chocolate while getting your needed effects. The flavor behind these is going to set a whole new standard for chocolate.


Cannabis delivery at Green Door West doesn’t just mean getting awesome products, it means getting the products that you need to continue receiving your dosage in a fun and active way. Visit their site to get information about even more organic and vegan products that they offer. Weed delivery has never been more effective and vegan-friendly than it is today.