Why I love to hit the slopes every year

When I think about the great outdoors my mind instantly thinks about skiing and carving up some fresh snow on the mountains. There’s nothing quite like, the feeling of freedom, nature and the spectacular views can be found when you’re doing any other outdoor activity.

I first went skiing when I was 4 years old in the French alps, my parents took me along with a big group of friends. We went every year until I was 18 and told I had to pay for my own trips, which was a bit of a pain because it’s not the cheapest activity. By the time I’d reached that age I was well and truly hooked, after learning since I was still in nursery school I mastered the slopes and couldn’t get enough of it.

Have you been skiing before? If so, I’m sure you’re well aware of why hitting the slopes is the best way to enjoy the great outdoors. If you’re still wondering whether or not to book your trip then here are 3 reasons why you should asap.

Learn A New Skill

One reason why people don’t take up skiing is because they think it’ll take too long to learn. Well, it’s a challenge, something to learn and that will you give a great sense of achievement. If you take a few lessons you’ll be ready to head off with more experienced mates and by your second holiday on snow you’ll be full of confidence.

Clear Your Mind

Being surrounded by snow, in the mountains with not an office in sight really does clear your mind. I love sitting on a chair lift, you know one of the huge ones that takes you miles up, marvelling in my surroundings and just letting my mind recharge. After all, a holiday is meant to help you recharge and forget all about the stresses of home.

Keep In Shape

Skiing is one of those sports which gives you a good workout without you noticing because you’re having such a great time. You get a full body workout when you put your skis on and head out every day of your holiday. You could head off to sit by a pool for a week which you know will be super unhealthy, of carve up freshly laid snow and go home in better shape than you arrived.

Those are just 3 of the reasons, but there are plenty more – I haven’t even mentioned the Apres Ski which is possibly the best part of the trip!