Why I recommend Au Pairing to help you travel

There are many jobs which are available in foreign countries for those who are looking at making some money and finding unique experiences on the road. Over the years I have worked in a number of these positions from bar jobs to cafe worker, fruit picker to English teacher and yet the best job which I ever had was when I worked as an au pair in France. If you are looking for a rewarding and cool job which can help you to travel, here is why I would recommend being an au pair.

Understand the Culture

Just being in a foreign country does not help you to understand the culture and with the greatest will in the world, digging deep into the way of life can be difficult. When you are an au pair however, you cannot help but be involved in the culture as you are essentially living it. This job gives you a unique snapshot into the working lives of the locals and you can gain a far more comprehensive idea of the culture which you are in.

Instant Tour Guide

Knowing a local can really help you to make the most of our travels and I made sure that I tapped into the knowledge of my host family on every occasion. What this meant for me was that I was able to travel to places which I’d never have found on TripAdvisor and it gave me the perfect chance to explore my new surroundings.

Well Paid

Because of the fact that your lodging and your food is already paid for, the salary which you receive is pretty handsome and you can use it to travel better. I was paid very well for my job, even before considering that I didn’t have to shell out for accommodation or food. Thanks to this job, I was able to save up enough money so that I could go traveling for 6 months without working after I had finished my job.

Extra Travel

When the family travels, so do you and I was fortunate enough that my host family loved nothing more than getting away for the weekend. These trips are of course not going to take you to the popular tourist traps and they give you an opportunity to see far more of your adopted country than you may have done if you were just raveling alone. The beauty of this was also that I rarely had to pay for very much when we hit the road.

Great for Your CV

If you are looking at getting away for a while for a new experience before heading back home to get a real job, this is something which will look very good on you resume. Not only are you putting yourself in a strange situation, you are also doing a job which requires a lot of thought, care and attention, all of which stacks up really well on a resume.