Working Holiday in Australia – errmmm yes please!

Australia is a truly breathtaking country with so much to explore that it can be difficult to put into words. Whether you are an urban explorer or someone who loves the great outdoors, Australia makes for the perfect destination for any traveler. Two years ago I was on a short break to Australia and realized that I simply didn’t have enough time to truly make the most out of the country, with this in mind, I decided to look for a job and was fortunate enough to find one. I was unsure how things would play out but I ended up absolutely loving the job and here are just a few reasons why I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to work abroad.

Surrounded by Beauty

The large majority of Australia’s bug cities and towns, exist around the perimeter of the country given the searing heat in the center. This means that pretty much anywhere you work, you will be surrounded by outstanding natural beauty. The first thing that took me back was getting used to being so close to the ocean and the way of life that this breeds. Finishing my shift and taking a walk along the beach became incredibly normal and I really miss that life.

High Salary

Australia is a notoriously expensive country and when you are on vacation, you certainly feel this difference. With this being said, if you are working in Australia you can also count on a generous salary to help you cope with the higher prices. Even for relatively low paid jobs, the salary is extremely good and once you get to know the right places to eat, shop etc. you can use this high salary to save up some cash for your next trip.

Explore More

A 2 week break simply isn’t enough to see everything that Australia has to offer and given that you need to travel so far to see it, it is well worth extending your stay. Working non Australia means that whenever you have a free weekend or a week’s vacation, you can delve deeper into this fascinating country.


Whether you are thinking about the public transport links, the health care system or the airports, the infrastructure in Australia is first class. As someone who came from Southeast Asia, I cannot tell you just how much of a shock this was for me when I found a nation where everything just works, on time and high quality.

The Aussies

Finally, I must make a point about the Australians themselves, incredibly warm, welcoming and always up for a good time. I was worried about fitting in over there before I took the job but I needn’t have been concerned as I found that people who lived near me and worked with me, were absolutely amazing and during my time there I really did make friends for life.

If you are looking at working abroad, make sure that Australia is one of the countries which you consider.